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Spyfox is experienced in surveillance and investigations.  It’s pedagogy for gathering intelligence is grounded in ethical standards.

We regularly deploy professional investigators to gather intelligence on the type of lifestyle profile and daily routine of a subject of investigation.

All movement is documented in a comprehensive report including images and/or video as well as any third party the subject meets.  Live operational updates inclusive of images can be sent to you direct from the surveillance throughout the day.  The team can then be instructed to follow any interested parties the subject meets in order to identify who they are.  Our surveillance team leader will regularly update you during the course of the operation with findings and further recommendations as the surveillance unfolds.

Spyfox can deploy a combination of methods depending on your specific needs, whether tracking the movements of a particular person or determining whether you are the subject of covert surveillance yourself using counter surveillance tactics.  We also specialise in GPS vehicle tracking as well as bug sweeps and detection services.

Upon completion of the task, we compile a detailed surveillance report inclusive of any images. Video footage is prepared on an edited time and date stamped DVD with all the evidence gathered. Our reports are written in a legally presentable format admissible in any court proceedings.

Spyfox’s main team of Sydney surveillance investigators is coupled with a great network of national and international agents to allow us to operate all over the UK and throughout most jurisdictions worldwide.

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