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Do you have clients who are concerned about an employee stealing company data? Perhaps you suspect fraudulent activity within your organization and require an internal investigation? Spyfox are the trusted experts to discover, analyze and present evidence within commercial and corporate investigations.



Typical case length: 4+ hours *
Recommended number of agents:  2

Every case is unique, the more information we can compile in the preliminary stage about the person of interest’s (POI)  the faster and more efficiently our Spyfox agent can carry out the investigation. These are things such as daily habits, the persons interest and regular behaviours.

Approximate cost per agent:
( Monday to Friday): $75 p/h
( Saturday & Sunday ):$80 p/h
( Midnight to 6am):$90 p/h

Travel Hourly Rate:
( Monday to Friday): $75 p/h
( Saturday & Sunday ):$80 p/h
( Midnight to 6am):$90 p/h

Motor Vehicle: 80 cents per Km ( includes to and from site)

* minimum call out call charge 4 hours not including travel time.

Spyfox have over a decade of experience with in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and litigation support services. This experience has allowed us to assist a multitude of organizations, law firms and regulatory authorities with commercial and corporate investigations.

Our team of highly qualified investigators uses the latest technology and digital forensic techniques to discover any potential evidence. This expertise covers a wide range of Corporate Investigations, which includes;

  • Financial investigations
  • Data theft
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Internal investigations
  • Employee investigations
  • Fraud investigation
  • Pre-Litigation investigations
  • Complex cross-border intelligence gathering




  • Phase 1 – Location choreography and mapping
  • Phase 2 – Agents are brief and specs outlined
  • Phase 3 – Investigation Commencement
  • Phase 4 – Situational Analysis and adaption
  • Phase 5 – Evidence Timeline Compilation
  • Phase 6 – Comprehensive Investigation Report and Client Recommendations


Corporate Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Debt Collection

Process Serving

Loss Prevention

Missing person