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Our perception can mislead us…What do we know when we have no proof?

We have a natural biased perception this is shaped by whether we trust or are suspicious of our partner. We can interpret behaviour in many ways. .

These unmistakable signs can give you an indication:
Appearance and hygiene and attire is at an impeccable standard.
Is coming home late.
Sex patterns have changed.
Phone is locked and security password are changed.
Said they are tired of the relationship.
At the gym more frequently than before.

If you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating chances are your hunch is right. There is a gender gap with men reported to cheat slightly more that women, however, with social media and digital infidelity on the rise the gap is lessening.

You must take action to gather the information that you need to make an informed decision, the emotional toll of not knowing can be as burdensome as the indiscretion itself.

Your instinct can only take you so far, here at spyfox we will get you the results that you need so that you can have proof, if you are noticing changed behaviours, schedule changes,  tightening on personal security with devises, excessive gym attendance then you have more than enough of a lead  to proceed with some surveillance.

Talk to our consultants who are have extensive behaviour analyst skills and they can coach you on how to proceed with your circumstance.


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